Friday, 29 March 2013

Allow me to introduce myself..

Sdmo2u2: Sleep deprived mum of 2 under 2... Im a 25 year old mum with a 20 month old for the purpose of this blog we'll call him 'sunny' and a 2 month old nick named as 'snowy'... Two wonderfully cheeky, mischievous beautiful boys.. Eldest born on the hottest day of 2011 and youngest on the snowiest day in 2013! I'm known by a lot of my friends as 'Facebook queen' as I'm always updating unorthodox statuses usually about my kids and what they have been up to on that particular day.. So I thought after the night snowy and I currently having I may as well accept the fact that I'm not going to sleep tonight.. Snowy has sinusitis and a cold which he has picked up from sunny gotta love these little germ bugs! He's woken up every hour tonight and I've now decided that sleep is for the weak (oh how I miss being weak right now.. I remember days when I would be weak all weekend!) my poor baby has been waking for his feeds and obviously because he can't breath through his little nose properly to be met with the nasal saline spray and the electric bogie extractor sounds posh and OTT but I had a horrid experience with a manual suck one which guaranteed no bogies could get passed the barrier... Guess what IT LIED! We've changed about 3 soiled nappies tonight which isn't really a big deal but as the nappies are not in the nappy sack we've had to go on a hunt in the dark for the changing bag to find them as my eldest son has a radar for light/noise and movement at night! The last thing I need to hear right now are about his adventures with his bear in the car, plane, train or on a bike! The main bulk of the nappies are in the 'cupboard of death' as I'm calling it as I took the Hoover out earlier and almost got a Mikita drill set fall on my feet! It's a good thing I have the reflexes of a Jedi to be honest.. Anyway were now down to the last nappy available to hand and my eldest should be up roughly around 6:45/8am were hoping the latter of course but he's just getting over tonsillitis so anything is possible! Not that it makes the world of difference to me right now as that's still another 4 hours away.. Potentially another 4 times that snowy will wriggle out of his swaddled blanket gasping for air as his nose is blocked up.. If only he knew he could breath out his mouth too.. *sigh*
The reason i started this blog is because the trusty television has let me down and there's nothing on I fancy catching up on and there's only so many times I can watch the insanity workout advertisement DVD, h2o x5 steam cleaner and sheer cover on the telescoping channels without thinking 'where's my credit card? I'm going to get all three so that I can have a insanely toned body with 99.9% bacteria free floors and surfaces AND have perfectly even and beautiful skin!'
Also none of my 'words free' friends happen to be online tonight and I refuse to give 'candy crush' anymore of my time or money level 86 is officially kicking my a double s.. Also due to the fact that I'm on maternity leave from work I don't have anymore money to be on eBay or amazon.. The convenience of shopping at the end of your fingertips is the work of the devil I swear by it..

Well I believe snowy has been sleeping for about 25/30 minutes now so I'm going to take a gamble and shut my eyes while he is.. I'm taking bets that I'll be up to watch Jeremy Kyle at 5:05am to see the dysfunctional cheats who are 50/50 that toothless, jobless, facebooking Johnny from the estate
Is the father of her 5 week old baby! To be honest it's the only time I'm not watching playhouse Disney so I shouldn't complain really!

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  1. Very entertaining! Whilst I too are now vaguely tempted to get a steam mop I do hope you got a few hours kip :-)