Monday, 29 April 2013

What a crappy day!!!

It's been a couple weeks since my last blog.. I would love to say its because I'm getting a full night sleep but it would be a big fat stinking lie to be honest!
Snowy has blocked sinuses and been waking like uncountable times a night but I think my body has just adjusted to the fact that I'm not going to sleep at night until snowy aka Darth Vader learns how to sleep with his mouth open... Plus I've been busy busy busy packing up my flat for the big move on Friday and waiting for my mum to come over from Jamaica.
'So it's 17:31.. How do you have time to be blogging in the middle of the day with two bubbas around?' I hear you ask.. SIMPLE... IM STUCK IN AN UNDERGROUND CAR PARK!!!!!!!! (Without the boys thankfully) my beloved automobile started making a horrid noise while driving it on Saturday so I rang the company to tell them that my baby is sick and they need to fix it (my car.. Not one of the children!) I was told to come up on Monday morning and they'll make it all better.. So I arranged child care for both the boys expecting to be back within good time. I programmed my phone to take me from Croydon to Wembley and just as I got on the A40 my stupid phone decides to recalculate the route and tell me it requires Internet access to continue with this function... FLM didn't even describe my emotions!! I had to take my sat nav driver cap off and follow road signs not good when my glasses haven't been strengthened for ??? Years But hey I made it!!
Dropped off the car and was met by knight in shining armour who decided to take me for lunch too! Then just generally chilled out for the afternoon waiting for my call to say to come and collect my car...
HOWEVER the mechanic seems to be a mate of Doc McStuffins herself and cannot fix my car! They cannot find the fault and my car needs to go to the main dealers to be diagnosed properly first thing.. Tomorrow morning! Not convenient in the slightest..
As if this wasn't annoying enough I looked down at my black t-shirt and realised.. Someone didn't clip their nursing bra back together... Not cool.. Not cool at all!
Right now I'm waiting for my fiancé to finish work and then were heading back home to deal with the crazy boys.. Thank god I don't have to pay child care right now as I'd be declared bankrupt after today!

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